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Beer of the Month

sometimes new, sometimes seasonal, but always cold 

kentucky bourbon barrel ale
subtle yet familiar flavors of vanilla & oak are imparted to this special ale as it rests in the charred bourbon barrels 
genuine premium pilsner beer. has plenty of taste, but drinks like a light beer 
CHinook hops into a golden blonde base. tropical fruits, assertive hop bite and ample dankness fuel this ipa 
the unmistakable deep-dark color, crisp hint of roasted barley, fresh breeze of hops, refreshing bite for a bittersweet reward 
20 ounce bass ale
english pale ale 
Ballast point sculpin
Award winning Ripa, hit of apricot, peach, mango, and lemon flavors 
wild onion Misfit ipa
slight nuttiness & floral aroma greet you. the flavor is followed by biscuit, caramel, & slight chocolate finishing with floral hop notes & balaanced hot bitterness 
20 ounce blue moon
brewed with oats for creaminess & spiced with the perfect combination of Valencia orange peel & coriander 
lagunitas ipa
a well-rounded, highly drinkable ipa. a big of caramel malt barley provides the richness that mellows out the twang of hops 
stella artois
its full, characteristic flavor & high quality is assured through a superior brewing process & by using the finest ingredients
tight head scarlet fire red ale
american style red ale, paying tribute to its irish heritage using east kent holdings hops 
miller light | miller high life | mgd | miller 64 | budweiser | bud light
old style | michelob ultra | coors light | coors banquet beer
 amstel light | corona | corona light sam adams | heineken
 o'douls | angry orchard | pbr (tallboy can) | dos equis (amber)
 dos equis | negra modelo | hacker-pschorr  
lagunitas imperial stout  |  lagunitas pilsner  |  312 wheat 
two brothers wobble  |  allagash white  |  lagunitas daytime 
lagunitas sucks ipa  |  new belgium accumulation
shock top belgium wheat  |  curious traveler grapefruit 


Piper sonoma brut
(sonoma, ca)
Interesting whites
Washington hills riesling
(columbia valley, wa)
Mirassou moscato 
Sauvignon blanc
murphy goode fume blanc
(north coast, ca)
rodney strong charlotte's home
(sonoma, ca)
Rodney strong
(sonoma, ca)
La Crema 
(monterey, ca)
Sonoma cutrer
(russian river valley, ca)
pinot grigio
Stellina di notte 
Pinot noir
Little black dress
la crema
(monterey, ca)
interesting reds
St. francis red blend
(sonoma, ca)
don miguel gascon malbec
(mendoza, argentina)
red knot shiraz
dancing bull zinfandel
banfi superior chianti
cabernet sauvignon
dark horse
louis martini
(sonoma, ca)
(sonoma, ca)
sequoia grove
(napa, ca)
b.v. coastal
Signature drinks
mai tai 
amaretto, malibu, white rum, dark rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, grenadine  
lodge punch
cherry vodka, orange vodka, pineapple juice, lemon lime soda, grenadine 
red berry sangria
blend of red wine with cherry & berry fruits with a dash of citrus sweetness
white peach sangria
sauvignon blanc, peach, ripe citrus flavors
LODGE mule
titos vodka, ginger beer, lime juice 
fireside old fashioned
caramelized sugar, bourbon, bitters, orange twist
key lime 
vanilla vodka, cream, lime juice with a graham cracker rim
lemondrop martini
lemon vodka, sour, lemonade, sugar rim, lemon, sugar garnish
citroen vodka, pomegranate liqueur, tripel sec, and a splash of cranberry juice
chocolate martini
vanilla vodka, creme de cocoa, white godiva and dark godiva
marshmallow vodka & godiva chocolate liqueur with a graham cracker rim
French Kiss
chambord, citrus vodka, and pineapple juice 

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